VPN is available as a stand-alone product or combine it with our other server offerings. VPN helps keep your data safe while in transit.

Access Connections Type Price Description
Internet 2 Shared $5.00/mo. Worry-free internet access
Site-to-Site 2 Private $5.00/mo. Connect two or more remote sites together
Remote Access 8 Private $15.00/mo. Connect remote users with private services such as file shares, POS systems and internal websites

SAN Storage Options

SAN storage is not available as a stand-alone product. Available on compatable products such as KVM, VDS or Physical dedicated server.

SAN Storage Price Redundant Transport Media
100GB $5.00/mo Yes iSCSI/CIFS/NFS Rotational Magnetic
250GB $7.50/mo Yes iSCSI/CIFS/NFS Rotational Magnetic
500GB $10.00/mo Yes iSCSI/CIFS/NFS Rotational Magnetic
1000GB $15.00/mo Yes iSCSI/CIFS/NFS Rotational Magnetic

Server Colocation

Rent your server a room at the inn.

Port Speed Space Power IPv4 IPv6 Price
100mbps 4TB 1U 1A @120V* /29 /64 $75.00/mo.
100mbps un-metered 1U 1A @120V* /29 /64 $125.00/mo.
1000mbps 10TB 1U 1A @120V* /29 /64 $200.00/mo.
* PSU rated power up to 250 watt.

Wholesale Internet Access

Offering wholesale dedicated Internet Access at 921 SW Washington. Portland, OR

Speed Port IPv4 IPv6 Price
100mbps Copper (Cat5e)** /29 /64 $100.00/mo.*
1000mbps SM Fiber (1310 nm) /29 /64 $800.00/mo.*
* Cross-connects additional and are the responsibility of the customer.
** Copper port availability at discretion of building manager.

Web Hosting

We offer a range of web-hosting products. From single-page to high-availability clusters.

Type Storage Transfer Price
Shared 1GB 10G $5.00/mo.
Shared 10GB 1000G $20.00/mo.
Clustered (HA) 100GB 10T $100.00/mo.

Domain names & SSL Certificates

Type Price Comment
Standard TLD $15.00/year. .com,.net,.us
Special TLD $30.00/year. .org,.cx,.name
Free SSL $0.00/year. visit: letsencrypt.org
Basic SSL $30.00/year. Provides basic encryption
Advanced SSL $100.00/year. Provides a green address-bar

System administration

Example Service Price Comment
Firewall Configuration $125.00/hr.
Removal of unnecessary services $125.00/hr.
Filesystem audits $125.00/hr.
Security audits $125.00/hr.
Configuration of external services $125.00/hr.
Authentication protection (SSH, FTP etc) $125.00/hr.
Webserver security $125.00/hr.
Migration assistance$0.00-$125.00/hr.Contact us to see if your service qualifies for free migration assitance.